Shmoney-chen is a singer, Ufred Jonz's brother, and the father of Dolan Trun

In Episode 10 he sells Blo Ive to Brinty in order to finance a takeover of the music industry. He then proceeds to drop all the flops except Bey from their labels. In Episode 11 he admits what he's done to Bayonse, who threatens to simultaneously divorce and kill him. In Episode 15 Bayonse visits Gags at Merier Care's Hospital. Her necklace has a picture of him.

In Episode 27 is seen replacing all the albums with the album Bayonse. Later, Bayonse tells him to "Bring the australian", refering to Kily Manoge (because she stole Blo Ive), but he brings Eggy Azalia. He tells B that she was a bit unclear and she fires him.

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