Xtine's house is a location in The Nekci Menij Show, and the residence of character Xtine.

Xtine's house is unusual in that it is constructed almost entirely out of unsold physical copies of Xtine's poorly-performing album 'Bionec', as is some of the furniture inside. At one point, Xtine offers to buy spare copies of Medoner's flop album 'MDNE' so she can use them to build an extension to her kitchen.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

Xtine's house is first seen in the episode 'Telephone', when Ladey Gags calls her up to troll her over the phone. Medoner also calls Xtine to promote the deluxe edition of her flop album MDNE; Xtine offers to buy copies of it so she can use them to extend her kitchen.

Season 2 Edit

Rhenna helps Medoner to become a social media sensation by teaching her how to party and uploading photos to Anstagrim; their party ends up at Xtine's house, with Xtine seen angrily shaking her fist in one of the snaps. Later in the season, Kety Perr can be seen driving past Xtine's house in her PRIMS truck.

Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio Edit


Xtine inside her house

Medoner builds a time machine so she can go back in time and sabotage her flop rivals' careers. She visits Xtine at her house and asks if she can keep an eye on the portal; Xtine agrees, but ignores Medoner's instructions and ends up going back in time with her.

Season 5 Edit

At the start of the season, Xtine's house can be seen getting splattered with Lemonade when Bayonse drops copies of her new album from the sky.

Real-life references Edit

The use of copies of 'Bionec' in the construction of Xtine's house is a reference to the underwhelming performance of Christina Aguilera's sixth studio album 'Bionic'.

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