Christine Agailure (also known as Xtine)  is a main character in The Nekci Menij Show. She first appeared in the third episode, "Telephone". XTine lives in a house made of copies of her failed album "Bionic". The other characters of the show ridicule XTine's faltering career and the low sales of "Bionic" constantly. Medoner notes that "maybe" someone will listen to her album one day. However, XTine was still able to win the FMA award for best soundtrack song, despite her commercial shortcomings. XTine is arguably the second least commercially successful character of the show, after Lol' Kem. Xtine's new album "Letis" is coming out soon. She has already started promoting it by mentioning it sporadically, in hopes of helping it eclipse the underappreciated "Bionec" album.

It is noteworthy that despite starring alongside Share in the film "Berleqs", Share is not aware of her existence, as manifested in her tweet "WHU Is she? #flop" when she presented her with her FMA Award. XTine also displays signs of violent behavior, as she attacked Jasy J at Ke@$h£r's party using her album "Bionic" as her weapon.

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