The X Fater


Talent competition


Brinty Spreas, Samon Cwol, Dumi Luvoto, Cherly Cool

First Appearance

Rhenna Holidey (Episode 9)

The X Fater is a reality talent competition in which budding singers perform in front of a panel of judges as they compete to win a lucrative recording contract. It was created by Samon Cwol, with winners being signed to his record label.

US VersionEdit

The American version of the talent competition is currently judged by Cwol, Brinty Spreas, Dumi Luvoto and L.I. Rood.

Samon is seen recruiting Brinty in the ninth episode of The Nekci Menij Show, Rhenna Holidey. After former panellist Nicel Shitsinger was sacked, Brinty agreed to take over on a $15million contract, as it would give her the opportunity to promote herself. However, Rhenna, Nekci, and Medoner consider Brinty's involvement with the show to be career suicide.

A clip of the show is seen in the second episode of Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, wherein Medoner fails to convince the judges of her talent. Rood had failed to turn up for that filming session, so Cherly Cool filled his seat behind the desk.

UK VersionEdit

Former Destin's Child singer Krely Roolin was a judge on one series of the UK version, before she mysteriously vanished by being kidnapped. She was later replaced by Shitsinger.