thumb|link=The Nekci Menij Show was an internet sitcom that premiered on the YouTube channel 'GingerTheHorse' on Monday 25th June 2012. It was the show that introduced the Nekci Menij character, as well as other major characters including Medoner, Bayonse, Kety Perr, Brinty Spreas, Adole and Ladey Gags.

The Nekci Menij Show was written, created and edited by David Monger, running for two seasons and nineteen episodes, with the final episode premiering on Wednesday 14th August 2013. It has since been replaced by a new show, Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, which debuted on Thursday 5th September 2013 on the 'MyISH' YouTube channel.


The Nekci Menij Show followed documented the supposedly real lives of Nekci and countless other flopstars and the relationships between them. They were followed as they went about their careers - recording and releasing new albums and singles, performing their music, attending awards shows, appearing in films, creating their own fragrances, and most importantly, seizing any opportunity they could to promote themselves. However, the characters' competitive natures were also showcased, as they shaded their rivals and did everything in their power in order to further their own careers by ruining others.

As the title character, Nekci was initially the main character in the series, and featured heavily throughout the first season. However, as it progressed, she was featured less and less. In the series finale - which has a running time of 7 minutes and 51 seconds - Nekci has less than a minute of screen time.


As The Nekci Menij Show grew in popularity, several spin-off shows and supporting videos were created to complement it. The first spin-off series, Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, is a chat show featuring Bayonse Noals interviewing other characters from the Nekci universe. The second spin-off series, Medoner's Behind The Scones, features Medoner going backstage at the sets of the flopstars' music videos.

In addition, there have been two full-length music videos for Nekci's singles 'I Am Yuo Ledear' and 'The Borbz'.

Nekci & Friends: All-Star StudioEdit

On Wednesday 14th August 2013, Monger stated that The Necki Menij Show would come to and end, to be replaced with a new spin-off show. In addition, it was revealed that future Nekci videos would be uploaded to the 'MyISH' YouTube channel instead of his own personal channel. On Wednesday 4th September 2013, Monger confirmed that the new show would be called 'Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio'. It made its debut the next day.

Following their removal from the 'MyISH' channel, the videos were reuploaded to the original Nekci Menij Show channel in August 2019.

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