Shrekora is a Latina singer who is newly signed to Zey-J's record label Flop Nation. As such, she is enslaved by Bayonse and forced to participate in the Mrs. Crater conspiracy.

Episode 16 - Blockout 2.0Edit

Shrekora appears at the very end of the episode, praising Bayonse--I mean, Satan.

Episode 17 - Butifel LierEdit

Shrekora points out the ridiculousness of the conspiracy but is shaded into submission by Bayonse. She releases Gags, Brinty, and Rhenna from their confinement cell, distracting Bay long enough for Krely Roolin to short out a control panel, which promptly destroys both the flopbots and Bayonse's palace.

Episode 18 - ARTPOPEdit

Shrekora is a judge on Tha Vose. She accuses Share of looking like a "he-wolf."

Episode 26 - Can't Remember I'm Not Lesbon Edit

Shrekora and Rhenna visit Ke@$h£r, who's in Rehab and tell her that Timber flopped. Then Rhenna shows her their Lesbon sex tape-Oh sht ignore this part. In the music video, during the wedding, Rhenna refers to her as Cris Bron.

Episode 27 - Comeback Part 1 Edit

Shrekora attends Share's funeral with Krely Roolin, Adole and Lona Delery.