Shity Ladys

Shity Ladys is a song by Bayonsé. It was performed at the Bron Dis Wey Bal Tore following the second disbandment of the group.


Noals reunited the group so they perform the song.


After the song was performed Bayonsé said, "thx fans dat was r sho, the bron dis wey bal is naow canseld n destins child wil b takin ova". Gags responds with "waet wut we diden agrey to dis". Noals says "o gags I fergot u wer der I dnt thenk thers enuf of me in da sho so ur fird from the grope". As Ke@sh£r is about to say something Noals also fires her.


The audience Nekci Menij, Medoner, Rhenna and Brinty all sawed the song as a diss track to all of them.



  • The performance of the song in the episode Bron Dis Wey, is supposedly a parody of the 2012 Super Bowl performance with the official Destiny's Child where they perform Beyoncé's song Single Ladies.