Serener Gizmo is a minor character in The Nekci Menij Show, introduced during the second episode of spin-off series Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio. She is a flop star and former Dinsey actress.

Biography Edit

Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio Edit

Serener's first appearance comes after the studio complex All-Star Studio is filmed in was set on fire. Not wanting to let this stop her from filming the show, Medoner visits Serener's house for a doorstep interview with her. During the exchange, Medoner refers to her as 'Serner and the Dimonds' and asks why she's still not famous; Serener points out that she's "drowning in fans" who voted her single 'Came & Got It' for a 'Best Breakup Single' award, even though it's not breakup-themed. She also promotes her new ablum, 'Stors Dunse'. Later, during the 2013 Halloween special, Serener can be seen as a guest at Ladey Gags's Halloween party.

Season 4 Edit

During Season 4, Serener makes three more non-speaking background appearances: in Episode 26, as an audience member at Brinty Spreas's Las Vogas show; in Episode 27, as an audience member at Eggy Azalean and Arana Grondy's performance at the Haus of Gags, and in Episode 29, as an extra in the commercial for Brinty's fragrance 'Fansaty'.

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