Rhenna's house is a location in The Nekci Menij Show, and the residence of character Rhenna.

As a reflection of her narcissism, Rhenna's house is shaped like her 'R' logo. It also features a swimming pool in the shape of Rhenna's head.

History Edit

Season 2 Edit

Rhenna's house is first seen in Episode 18, when she's inside watching Tha Vose. During the show Rhenna notices Nekci Menij on an advert for Cierror's new album and instantly becomes jealous.

Bayonse's Quens Of Flop Edit

In the fourth episode, a promo is shown for '60 Second Makeover - Bayonse Edition', another show that airs on Bayonse's TV network QBTV. During the clip, Bayonse and her guards break in to Rhenna's house to give it an unwanted makeover: she changes its shape to that of the letter 'B', paints it black, fills in the pool and puts statues of herself outside. When Rhenna asks where all her items are, Bayonse remarks: "Everything you own in the trash to the left".

Real-life references Edit

Rhenna's house is shaped like the 'R' logo seen on the artwork for Rihanna's albums 'Rated R' and 'Talk That Talk'.

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