The Recoden Studeo is a location within the universe of The Nekci Menij Show. As its name suggests, it is a recording studio where all of the flops record songs for their ablums.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

After forming a supergroup named 'Destin's Puscats', Bayonse and Nicel Shitsinger visit the studeo to lay down vocals for their debut track, 'Ran The Werld (Bayonse Obvs)'. Kety Perr arrives and reveals she is rounding up all the flop quens so she can force them to see her film, Pert Of Me In 3D; seeing the kidnapping as a promo opportunity for the song, Bayonse and Nicel willingly follow her. Meanwhile, in the booth next door, Ladey Gags is recording demos for her album. Xtine gatecrashes her sessions and becomes jealous when she finds out Gags is working on collaborations with Rhenna and Adole.

Season 2 Edit

Nekci Menij is working on tracks for her ablum 'Penk Frondey: Remon Relodied - The Ra-pe' with Lol Wen, when Medoner drops by to ask if they have a "brown child" she can borrow to pass off as Bayonse's daughter Blo Ive. Nekci then gets a call from Lol Kem, who challenges her to a rap battle. After a weight jibe from Brinty Spreas cures her writer's block by putting her in a foul mood, Adole heads to the studeo to record a new version of her smash it 'Sum1 Lik Yuo'. Nekci and Medoner interrupt her session to inform her of Bayonse's evil plot to kidnap the flop quens and replace them with robots; before they can finish, a robot version of Brinty arrives and teleports them all to Bayonse's lair. In Episode 19, the Recorden Studeo can be seen in the background when Kety drives past it in her PRIMS truck.

Characters Edit

The following is a list of characters that are known to have recorded music at the Recorden Studeo:

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