Penk (often stylized as P£nk) is an intermittently popular singer who takes various menial jobs in between albums.

Episode 10 - "P£nk Frondey"Edit

P£nk is manning a movie theater box office when Kety Perr arrives with her hostages and demands to see her film "Pert Of Me In 3D". P£nk justifies her employment by pointing out that no one questions Merier Care's job as an ER doctor. She threatens Nekci by reminding her that she's old pals with Lol Kem. After the hostage crisis ends she encounters XTine and is unaware that XTine has done anything since Lody Marmlide. She is among the artists dropped from their labels when Z-Jey buys the entire record industry at Bayonse's behest.

Episode 11 - "True Or Dire"Edit

P£nk is working the register at humv and rings up Medoner, disguised as Rhenna, who is purchasing multiple copies of MDNE with Rhenna's money. Medoner regards her as a "rude lesbo bitch".

Episode 12 - "Vagetorien"Edit

P£nk is Lol Kem's manager at McDolan's and serves 21 burgers to Adole and Rhenna. She is reunited with XTine once again and points out that XTine is technically banned from McDolans for unauthorized self-promotion.

Music Video - "The Borbz"Edit

P£nk has a cameo in "The Borbz" as a stylist who gives Nekci a ratched haircut. She also does some light background dancing.