Nicel Shitsinger used to sing in Puscat Doles but is mainly known nowadays as a hanger-on of Bayonse and thus a member of the newly re-reformed Destin's Child.

Episode 9 - Rhenna HolideyEdit

Nicel is first seen calling Samon Cwol asking if she will be back on the next season of X Fater]. She hangs out near Nekci's house where she meets Bayonse, who has no idea who she is. B is impressed by Nicel outshining all the other members of Puscat Doles in much the same way B outshone everyone else in Destin's Child. B agrees to form a supergroup with Nicel.

Episode 10 - P£nk FrondeyEdit

Nicel and Bayonse record a remake of "Ran The Werld (Bayonse Obvs)" at the Recoden Studio as Destin's Puscats ft. Bayonse And Nicel Shitsinger. They agree to be taken hostage by Kety Perr for the publicity. Nicel shills the single while waiting outside the movie theater for "Pert Of Me In 3D" but only succeeds in getting shaded by Merrier Care.

Episode 11 - True Or DireEdit

Nicel is annoyed that B renamed the group without her permission, and that she has been employed/enslaved as Blo Ive's nanny.

Episode 16 - Blockout 2.0Edit

Nicel's indentured servitude continues as she is forced to help Bayonse in her plot to replace all the other pop bitches with robots.

Episode 17 - Butifel LierEdit

Bay promises to release Nicel once her plan is successful. She survives the explosion that levels Bay's house then quits in disgust.

Music Video - I Am Yuo LedearEdit

Nicel has a cameo in the video. Bayonse tosses her coffee at her.

Episode 26 - Can't Remember I'm Not Lesbon Edit

Nicel is thrown in the sea by Kily Manoge. Edit

Episode 28 - Comeback Part 2 Edit

When Merier, Loly Alan and Kily are traveling on Loly's Air Balloon, they see a message which says "Help Your love to get #1 on iTunes". Then, she says that she shoot a music video, a shampoo commercial and a yoghurt commercial, bus asks the other flops to take her home. Loly says that the Air Balloon is at her service, but then turns into Sheezus, escapes and leaves Nicel on the island.