Medoner, Adole, Nekci, and Xtine's robot doppelgangers.

The Mrs. Crater World Domination Plan was a devious scheme devised by Bayonse and the Ilomenoty to replace all the world's top-selling pop stars with robotic duplicates. It forms the primary plot of the Season Two two-parter, Blockout 2.0/Butifel Lier.

PHASE ONE: AbductionsEdit

A robotic clone of the recently deceased Kety Perr is deployed to identify and teleport pop bitches such as Brinty to Bayonse's compound fortress. At first Bayonse does not find it necessary to waste resources capturing low-selling artists such as Xtine, who are flopping so badly on their own that they pose no threat to her.

PHASE TWO: Robot Clone DeploymentEdit

Once a pop star has been abducted a robotic clone is deployed to take her place in the pop world. The duplicates are poorly disguised and have only a rudimentary personality, although in Brinty's case this is not much of a difference from the real thing.

PHASE THREE: Career SabotageEdit

Once deployed, the robot clones proceed to destroy their real-life counterparts' careers via poorly planned album promotion, disastrous colabs, and writing songs for Smurf movies. Their final move was to have been a mass retirement leaving Bayonse as the only pop star of any note, which Bay seems to think would lead to her being crowned the bootylicious ruler of the world.

Conspiracy ThwartedEdit

The plan falls apart when Nekci sneaks into Chez Bayonse by hiding in a box of wigs that Azel Bank unwisely brings into the house. Nekci warns Medoner, a former Ilomenoty member herself, and the two proceed to warn Adole. This leads to them (along with Xtine who was visiting/shading Adole at the time) accidentally being abducted to the heart of Bayonse's lair, when only Adole was supposed to be teleported. This seems to overload the Brinty clone, who suddenly explodes. Shrekora and Krely Roolin release the imprisoned pop stars and destroy the remaining clones and the entire house itself.