Merna, or previously known as Merna And Teh Dermonds, is a recurring character of The Nekci Menij Show. She is a Greek Godess and is very sophisticated, intelligent, snobbish, ironic, melodramatic and lyrical. She is known for her two albums that revolve around philosophical questions concerning the purpose of life and nature of irony. Merna rejects American culture and only accepts ironic art pop as the supreme form of music. She accordingly attacked XTine for representing the debauchery of American values. Merna is also notorious for eating the last mini cheesecake at Kasher's party, which deeply hurt Adole's fragile emotions, who burst into tears and started performing her smash "Some1 Liek U" in honour of the lost cheesecakes.

Merna is known for being an activist and for unhesitatingly participating in ferocious girl fights. In  Ke@$h£r's party, Merna joined forces with her British friends Medoner and Jasy J , who retaliated against XTine's insult towards their country. Specifically, XTine characterized their country as a "flop". Merna responded by calling the American values cheap and by defending her own British culture and her innovative, revolutionary pop methods. Jasy and Medoner supported her, shouting insults at XTine, who ended up repeatedly hitting Jasy J with her album "Bionic". Merna then joined Nekci in a food fight that took place next to the fight between Jasy and Xtine.

In the episode 27 Loly says that she doesn't wat to "Be the girls who claims to be ironic and it's never seen again", clearly referring to Merna, and Merna says "Excuse me, sorry".

This joke is done again in episode 30 when Bayonse claims to have the first album to be entirely fruit themed, forgetting about Merna's ablum "FROT", Merna passes by once again saying "Sorry, don't mind me.".


  • Giv Me The Muny EP
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  • Merman vs. Seller EP
  • Hte Krawn J0lz EP
  • Hte Famley J0lz
  • Hte Amriken J0lz EP
  • Olektra Hert
  • FROT
  • LUV + FER

    LUV + FER (Luv)


    LUV + FER (Fer)

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