Merier Care is a Chrostmous-songing bitch and chief surgeon at Merier Care's Hispetal.

Episode 6 - Wid AwokeEdit

Merier is first seen in this attending to Kety Perr, who is in a coma following a tragic bus accident in the previous episode. She calls her nurse, Nekci to attend to her other patient Jasy J, with disastrous results. She rejects Kety's "payment" of 100 tickets to "Pert Of Me In 3D." Merier shades Medoner for insulting her plastic surgery skills.

Merier is abandoned by the other flops and is left alone with Kety, who is thrilled to finally have someone to see her film. Merier is only rescued from this fate when Nekci drops a wheelchair onto Kety from several stories up.

Episode 11 - True Or DireEdit

Merier is seen on a clip on Bayonse's television engaging in an altercation with Nekci while co-judging the latest season of Amoricen Idel.

Episode 13 - The Holowen GoastEdit

Merier digs up Lol' Kem's corpse and attempts to reanimate her in order to destroy Nekci's career.

Episode 14 - Nekci's Late XmasEdit

Merier visits Nekci at home, begging to be invited to her party. There is still bad blood between them, but Nekci agrees to let her come provided she brings a turkey. Merier instead brings the charred but delicious corpse of Kety Perr.

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