McDolans is a fast food restaurant in the universe of The Nekci Menij Show, which is visited by many of the show's characters, including Adole and Rhenna. It is run by P£nk, who also works at several other locations, including humv and the local cinema.

McDolans is notable for being the scene of the rap battle in which Lol Kem is shot dead by Nekci Menij.


Season 2 Edit

Adole visits McDolans with Rhenna to celebrate the success of her album 21 - by ordering 21 burgers. Xtine joins them in the queue, and P£nk remarks that she shouldn't be there; it is revealed that Xtine used to work at the restaurant, but was fired for replacing the toys in their Happy Meals with copies of her Geny In A Botel remix EP. While cooking Adole's burgers, Kem calls her enemy Nekci and warns her that "playtime is over"; they meet outside the restaurant after Kem's shift for a rap battle. After trading some brief insults, Nekci quickly grows bored of the battle and ends their rivalry for good by shooting Kem dead. Later in the season, Brinty Spreas visits McDolans and meets Adole, who is suffering from writer's block because she's in a "fab mood". Brinty offers her a game of Twister Dance to help her become "slimmer than the remix"; Adole suddenly becomes upset at the remark about her weight and promptly heads off to write her next ablum.

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McDolans is a parody of the American chain of fast food restaurants McDonalds. The name 'McDolans' is a reference to Dolan Duck and The Uncle Dolan Show, the web memes on which The Nekci Menij Show is based.

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