Machel Jeksen, also known as the 'Keng of Pup', is a minor character, introduced in the fifth episode of official spin-off series Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio. He was a renowned world-famous singer, but has now passed away; he appears in the show as a ghost.

Biography Edit

Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio Edit

Machel makes his first appearance during the 2013 Halloween special. When witch Medoner is knocked out by a spell she cast, Rhenna tries to cast a spell to revive her, but instead ends up raising the dead. Alongside Winty Hostin and Lol Kem, Machel emerges from his grave as a ghost, and goes to haunt Ladey Gags' Halloween party. At the party, he asks Gags: "Hay litel gurl, wud u like a pictur with the Keng of Pop?" Gags then screams in horror.

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