Loly Alan is a recurring character in The Nekci Menij Show, first introduced during the sixth episode of spin-off series Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio. She is a British flop star who embarks on an evil quest to sabotage her rivals and become the 'Sheesus' of the music world.

Biography Edit

Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio Edit

Loly is first seen working for P£nk Airlines at the airport during Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio. Although the airline is named after P£nk, Loly seems to outrank her, working as her 'soupadvisor'. When Medoner and Ladey Gags try to buy a ticket to Bayonse's private island, Loly informs them the last one had just been sold. Medoner, Gags then strip off for a dance, before Loly admonishes them they're being "digradeng to womens".

Season 4 Edit

In the Season 4 premiere, Loly can be seen on stage with Brinty Spreas at her Las Vogas show as one of her backing dancers. In Episode 27, Loly informs Medoner and Merier Care that she's changed her attitude to nudity in music, proclaiming that "sex sels". Loly invites Merier and Kily Manoge to board her 'ULR Badmon balloon', and she takes them on a journey to the desert island where Nicel Shitsinger has been stranded. While Merier and Kily are catching up with Nicel, Loly takes off in her balloon again and leaves them stranded. It is revealed that she has an evil plan to reign supreme in the music industry, as she proclaims: "That's 3 less evil divas to stop me bein Sheesus". While airborne, Loly encounters Nekci Menij, Jasy J and Arana Grondy in a helicopter. They ask her for directions to the Flop Music Awerds, but she instead tricks them in to going to the island.

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