Lol Wen, also known as Wesy or Tunchi, is a raper, owner of YMBMC Records, and Nekci Menij's boss and collaborator.

Episode 11 - True Or DireEdit

Wesy first appears in the Season 2 premiere when he calls Medoner, thinking he's reaching Rhenna whom she is impersonating. He asks Rhenna/Medoner to relay to Nekci that she no longer needs to whore herself out because he has re-acquired YMBMC from Z-Jey.

Episode 12 - VagetorienEdit

Lol Wen is recording a verse on Nekci's new track wherein he compares her antagonist to a "stinky-ass pusy" and "poo in a tolet". Despite having collaborated with Medoner on "Revloner" she does not recognize him. He accompanies Nekci to her rape battle with Lol Kem and Kem's subsequent funeral, and is excited to attend Brinty's Halloween party, although he is nowhere to be seen in the next episode.

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