Lol' Kem was a raper best known for her 'beef' with Nekci Menij. The tension between the two led Kem to release the Blank Frondey Mixtape, a parody of and a retaliation to Menij's own Penk Frondey ablum.

With Gags acting as priest, Kem is laid to rest. Many arrive to pay dust to her, including Medoner, Adole, Bayonsé, Kety Perr, Rhenna and Brinty. Also in attendance and accompanied by Lol Wen is Lol' Kem's former rival and murderer Nekci, who shows no remorse for her enemy's dead.



Due to the downfall of her career, Kem takes a job in the fast food restaurant McDolan's, where she works in the kitchen under P£nk. Instigating a rape battle with Nekci Menij outside McDolan's proves to be a mistake when Menij easily grows tired of Lol' Kem's behaviour and fatally shoots her flop rival.

The Holowen GoastEdit

Dr. Merier Care unsuccessfully attempts to resurrect Kem in order to destroy Nekci's career.

The Single LifeEdit

Kety accidentally resurrects Kem, who accompanies her to the FMA's.

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