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This article contains a complete list of characters that have featured in The Nekci Menij Show and its official spin-off series Bayonse's Quens Of Flop (QOF), Medoner's Behind The Scones (BTS) and Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio (ASS). Characters from unofficial or fan-made spin-offs are not included.

Characters Edit

The table below is a complete list of named characters featured in The Nekci Menij Show and its official spin-offs. By default, they are listed in order of their first appearance.

They are categorised as follows:

  • Main - Character has made 15 or more appearances with spoken lines
  • Recurring - Character has made between 2 and 15 appearances with spoken lines
  • Minor - Character has made 2 or less appearances with spoken lines

The 'total appearances' column refers to the total number of appearances each character has made, including non-spoken ones.

Name Parody of Category First episode Total appearances
Nekci Menij Nicki Minaj Main 1 34
Rhenna Rihanna 31
Brinty Spreas Britney Spears 27
Ladey Gags Lady Gaga 28
Kety Perr Katy Perry 2 25
Bayonse Beyoncé 27
Medoner Madonna 31
Xtine Christina Aguilera 3 21
Ke@$h£r Kesha Recurring 4 16
Adole Adele Main 20
Jasy J Jessie J Recurring 5 16
Merna and teh Dermonds Marina and the Diamonds 5
Merier Care Mariah Carey Main 6 18
M.E.A. M.I.A. Minor QOF 1 1
Lona Delery Lana Del Rey Recurring 7 8
Krely Roolind Kelly Rowland 8 16
Blo Ive Blue Ivy Carter 4
Share Cher 9
Samon Cwol Simon Cowell 9 4
Nicel Shitsinger Nicole Scherzinger 10
P£nk P!nk 10 13
Zey-J Jay-Z 9
Cherly Cool Cheryl Cole Minor QOF 2 5
Dumi Luvoto Demi Lovato 4
Lol Wen Lil' Wayne 11 9
Lol Kem Lil' Kim Recurring 12 5
Mile Sires Miley Cyrus 13 10
Wilem BTS 1 8
Azel Bank Azealia Banks 15 7
Shrekora Shakira 16 6
Cierror Ciara 18 7
Jenaflopes Jennifer Lopez 8
Divad Geter David Guetta 19 3
Serener Gizmo Selena Gomez Minor ASS 2 5
Machel Jeksen Michael Jackson ASS 5 1
Winty Hostin Whitney Houston 1
Loly Alan Lily Allen Recurring ASS 6 5
Kily Manoge Kylie Minogue 6
Arana Grondy Ariana Grande 27 4
Eggy Azalean Iggy Azalea Minor 3
Petball Pitbull 28 1
Mashelle Weliums Michelle Williams 3
Nik Nick Cannon 29 1
Tanish Tinashe 30 1
Janat Jeksen Janet Jackson 1
Gren Stefony Gwen Stefani 1

Unnamed and unseen characters Edit

In addition to the above, there are a number of other characters that do not have official names (referred to below by the names of the real-life celebrities they parody), and/or have only been referred to in dialogue.

  • Kery Helsen is a former flop star who is now working as Bayonse's assistant. She has yet to make an appearance, but is the subject of a running gag, involving Bayonse constantly asking her to make coffee.
  • L.I. Rood is a judge on The X Fater. He is referred to in the second episode of Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, when he is absent from a clip of the TV talent contest that is shown during Bayonse's interview with Brinty.
  • Randy Jackson (no official name) is a judge on TV talent contest Amoricen Idel. He is seen caught in an argument between fellow judges Nekci and Merier during episode 11.
  • Mya (no official name) is a former flop star who was briefly popular in the early Noughties. She is referred to in episode 12 when Lody Marmalad, her collaboration with Xtine, P£nk and Lol Kem, is mentioned.
  • Louds Siccone is Medoner's daughter. She is referred to in episode 15, when it is revealed she got her mum a 'mobile telegraph' as a Christmas present.
  • Sia is a hit flop star. She is referred to in episode 19, when a frustrated Divad Geter vows to start working with her instead of Rhenna.
  • Shanade O Coner is an Irish singer that Mile Sires confuses Jasy J for in ASS 5.
  • Salonge is Bayonse's sister. She is referred to in the fourth episode of Bayonse's Quens Of Flop, when Bayonse mentions an incident she was involved in alongside Zey-J.
  • Bekcy G is a teenage rapper and singer. She is referred to in the Season 5 premiere when Bayonse reveals that, as part of her quest to find 'Bekcy with the good hair', she's had Bekcy G assassinated.
  • Olliy alxnuder is a flop singer when kily manoge reveals that he was a part of yers in yers
  • Jimes artery has a hit song called "sai u wunt lel got"
  • axel trebel is a member of to dro cimea culb
  • matey hels is a flop rokk singer from teh 7519
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