Krelendria "Krely" Roolin is a former member of Destin's Child, and more recently was a judge on the eighth UK series of X Fater.


Season 1Edit

The Flop Musec AwerdsEdit

She attended The Flop Music Awerds with many other flop quens. Since has since made a total of six cameo appearances.

P£nk FrondeyEdit

Krely is seen in a basement as she is kidnapped and tighed up.

Season 2Edit

The Holowen GoastEdit

Her most prominent appearance came during Episode 13, The Holowen Goast, when Ladey Gags burned her house down after having the door shut on her while trick or treating.

The BorbzEdit

This incident was later referred to in Nekci's music video for The Borbz, which opened with a brief shot of a related newspaper clipping. Upon learning of the tragedy, her former bandmate Bayonsé responded with only: "I don't know her."

Butifel LierEdit

She shows up to give Bayonsé a drink. In the end, she spoke her first line, "No" and poored a drink into Bayonsé's machinery.


She spoke more lines, and former bandmate Mashelle Williems first appeared. They are later kidnapped by Kety Perr so they can be in the video of her singel "Dis Is How We Do".

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