Kety Perr is one of the main characters in The Nekci Menij Show. She is known for her sweet attitude, her intense promotional campaign for her flim "Kety Perr: Pert of Me 3D" and for her name, which no one seems to be able to remember.

Kety is infamous for being ignored by everyone. No one desires to watch her flim, to Kety's great displeasure. Also, several characters express their boredom when they are left alone around her. For instance, Merrier Care cries "dont lev me" when everyone flees away from Kety in an effort to avoid watching Kety's flim. Kety also is the only main pop bitch to fail to win any award at the 2012 FMAs.

Despite her apparent sweetness and kindness, Kety has a dark side as well. For example, Kety sports a dark hairstyle in the 9th episode. When asked about whether she decided to go emo by Nekci, Kety promptly responds that she is not emo but "fukin derk". Kety then proceeds to kidnap Nekci in order to force everyone to watch her 3D concert film. Kety even admits that it was her that attempted to murder Nekci at the FMAs in order to divert some of the attention to her flim.

Despite Kety's obsession with her 3D concert flim, no one has actually watched it yet. Nevertheless, Kety continues to try to either convince or force the other characters to watch it throughout the first season, to no avail. It is yet to be determined if anyone will actually attend her flim in the second season. In Episode 14, Kety places herself in her own oven after being depressed that no one likes her. The ghost of Lol Kem appears while she is in the oven to try and convince her to not kill herself and gives her career advice, saying that people will like her more if she came across a bad bitch. Kety decides that Lol Kem is right, but Lol Kem can't let her out of the oven since she's a ghost, so Kety dies anyway. Since Nekci could not provide a turkey for her dinner party, the flops decide they can serve the now cooked-to-death Kety instead. Although that is the last real appearance of Kety in the series, a robot Kety appears in Episode 16, which is actually a ploy by Bayonse, as she is using the robot to kidnap the flops for her.

In Episode 19, Kety seems to be alive again and has helped Merier Care steal ARTPOP from Gags. She then is seen later giving Gags her ablum back.

Discography Edit

Kety Perr released 4 studio albums;

  • One Of Da Bobs
  • Tenge Drem
  • Prims
  • Wetknees

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