Ke@$h£r is a recurring character and all-around party animal. Like many of the other flops she is fond of alcohol and remixes. Her trademark look includes a nose ring and rat's nest of blonde hair with a slice of pizza, a toothbrush, and a banana peel tangled in.

Episode 4 - Bron Dis WeyEdit

Bayonse introduces Ke@sh£r as one of her backup singers in the latest incarnation of Destin's Child. Ke@sh£r helps Bey and Ladey Gags perform their diss track "Shity Ledys". She and Gags are immediately fired after the song. She tries to find solidarity with the other Flops only to be called "gay" by Gags. Nevertheless she invites the girls to her gay house party.

Episode 5 - Haus PertyEdit

The entire episode takes place at Ke@sh£r's house. As hostess she dons lavender face paint and highlights. She stocks the house with bottles of Jack (unlike Brinty who requires her guests to bring their own Tesco vodka). Brint Brint fails to recognize Ke@sh£r, who's written one of her songs, either because of the face paint or because of her own cluelessness. Ke@sh£r is distressed when XTine crashes the party and she asks Medoner to escort her out. She performs "Blow" as the party degenerates into a childbirth and food fight melee.

The next morning she wakes up in her bathtub, having blacked out and forgotten most of the previous night. She swears revenge on Nekci for drunkenly defacing her Facebook wall.

Episode 8 - The Flop Musec AwerdsEdit

Ke@sh£r is next seen working the red carpet at the 2012 FMAs with her mess of hair tied into a high ponytail with even more garbage embedded in it than before. She shares a table with Brinty off in the corner. She wins at least one FMA, category unknown.

Episode 10 - P£nk FrondeyEdit

Kety takes Ke@sh£r and many others hostage and attempts to force them to attend a showing of "Pert Of Me In 3D." She escapes with the others when Kety gets distracted by Xtine, who is late as usual.

Episode 13 - The Holowen GoastEdit

Ke@sh£r is briefly seen at Brinty's Halloween party with green eyes and blue hair. It is unknown if this is a costume or just how she happened to look that night.

Music Video - The BorbzEdit

Ke@sh£r has a brief cameo in "The Borbz" and wears the same dress as on the cover of her album Werior.

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