Jasy J is a minor recurring character and a minor recurring British pop star. She is best known for her patriotism and for breaking her own leg.

Episode 5 - Haus Perty Edit

Jasy makes her first appearance in this episode when she is talking to Medoner about their careers. Medoner says she forgot to break her leg for sympathy sells, which reminds Jasy J to ask Medoner to sign her cast. The Pop Quen signs the cast with "get a career soon. LVU medoner xoxo."

Jasy shades XTine by claiming that her song "Prace Tag" is a reference to XTine's giant flop Bionec costing 99p. Xtine responds by dissing the Unated Kengdim and its currency, then starts assaulting Jasy with a copy of Bionec.

Episode 6 - Wide AwokeEdit

Jasy J is at Merier Care's hospital to get her cast removed. The attendant nurse is none other than Nekci. Nekci proceeds to mutilate Jasy's good leg with a "laserlite".

Episode 11 - True Or DireEdit

Jasy has a seconds-long cameo in this episode. She is accosted at humv by Ladey Gags who is dressed in a giant perfume bottle to promote her perfume Fome.

Episode 13 - The Holowen GoastEdit

Jasy is present at Brinty's Halloween party, with a (presumably) fake knife embedded in her forehead.

Episode 16 - Blockout 2.0 Edit

Jasy shows Medoner and Brinty her shaved head, but Brinty tells her that no one cares and Medoner tells her that they don't want Jasy to hang around with them. She then makes a remark about Brinty's hair, but even after Brinty goes to Les Vogas, Medoner still says that she doesn't want to hang around with her.

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