humv is an entertainment store, stocking various items such as CDs, DVDs and artist merchandise, in the universe of The Nekci Menij Show. It has so far appeared in just one episode.

Staffed by P£nk, humv is known for slashing prices on products it struggles to sell, as discovered by Medoner when she found it was charging bargain basement prices for her album MDNE.


Season 2 Edit

After Zey-J carries out Bayonse's evil plot to take over the record industry and drop her rival flop stars from their contracts, they begin releasing merchandise to stay relevant, and make personal appearances in humv to promote their products. Medoner visited while disguised as Rhenna and bought several copies of her album MDNE and perfume True Or Dire; she was shocked at the checkout when she was charged just $12 for her entire basket. Nekci Menij set up a stall selling her entire Penk Frondey range, including her album 'Penk Frondey: Remon Relodied' and perfume Penk Frondey, as well as autographs and boob and ass squeezes. Ladey Gags also stopped in to advertise her fragrance Fome, while wearing a costume styled to look like its bottle design.

Staff Edit

Real-life references Edit

humv is a parody of the British entertainment retailer HMV.

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