Da Quen B is the second episode of the first season of The Nekci Menij Show. It was released on June 26th, 2012, one day after the season premiere 'Trolling Brinty'. As of February 2017, it has had over 150,000 views on YouTube.

This episode introduced three new characters: Kety Perr, Bayonse, and Medoner. Its name comes from Bayonse's nickname, 'Da Quen B'.


Nekci is just chilling, "being Nekci", when she's joined by her so-called BFF, Kety. Nekci soon becomes angry as she notices that Kety has copied her hairstyle and facial features, saying she "looks like shite", but Bayonse appears and accuses them both of copying her.

Curious about Nekci's new pink-haired friend, Bayonse asks who she is. When Kety introduces herself, Bayonse says that she's "never heard of you Karly", and goes to Nekci for clarification. However, this fails to help matters, with Bayonse saying she doesn't know any Stacey.

After proclaiming herself "da quen B", Nekci says her infamous line from the end of Medoner's single I Dnt Giv A (Pert 2): "There's only one quen, and that's Medoner, bitch." Medoner soon appears, and questions why Nekci is in her house. She is also curious about who Kety is, and Bayonse introduces her as Naomi.

Medoner asks the flop quens if they want to buy copies of her new album, MDNE. Nekci asks how many are left, and Medoner claims she only has two. Just seconds later, an overheard compartment collapses, and hundreds of copies fall on Kety's head. Nekci says they should help sell the copies, but Bayonse refuses and leaves. The episode ends with Kety, still trapped under the pile of CDs, asking for help.


A special message is included after the closing credits, featuring Medoner encouraging her "fagets" to buy copies of MDNE.

Real life referencesEdit

  • "Im da quen B" is a reference to Beyoncé's nickname "Queen B/Bey".
  • "Thers only 1 quen, nd dats Medoner. Bitch" is a reference to Nicki's line from Madonna's song "I Don't Give A ".
    • She also mentions the title of the song, after Kety tells her name.
  • Medoner saying "L. V. U. Medoner." is a reference to the refrain of her song "Give Me All Your Luvin'".
  • Hundrerds of copies of MDNE fall on Kety. This is a reference to the low sales of MDNA.
  • Medoner tells the people to buy her album, and refers them as "fagets" because majority of Madonna's fans are gays.


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