Cierror is a recurring character. She first appeared in ARTPOP, hosting a disastrous album release party.                               



In ARTPOP, Rhenna is watching Tha Vose at her house when a commercial for Cierror's new ablum comes on. The ad mentions that Nekci Menij is featured on every track, which sends Rhenna into a fit of jealousy. She confronts Nekci via a telephone call and brutally cusses out Cierror when she dials in as well. Nekci defuses the situation by pretending to be Bayonsé, which amazingly both of the other flops fall for. Rhenna hangs up and Cierror invites Nekci to her launch party. Cierror calls Rhenna back to make amends.

Kety's RevengeEdit

In Kety's Revenge, Rhenna takes a phone call from dance producer Divad Geter. Divad is concerned that the pair's latest collaboration is flopping, but Rhenna insists she doesn't know anything about it. The track in question starts playing in the club, and Rhenna goes to ask Cierror who made it, and Divad angrily hangs up. Rhenna then informs Cierror that she's about to leave the club.

Comeback (Part 1)Edit

She is seen attending Nekci's comeback perty.

Comeback (Part 2)Edit

She attends the flop meeting held by Nekci and refuses sing with Kety.


  • "Ayo Cici hear"
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