Chez Bayonse is a location in The Nekci Menij Show and the main residence of character Bayonse, her husband Zey-J and daughter Blo Ive.

Chez Bayonse is more opulent than the houses owned by her flop rivals; its exterior is decorated with several statues of Bayonse. In addition to serving as her house, Chez Bayonse also acts as the Aluminaughty's secret lair.

History Edit

Season 2 Edit

Chez Bayonse is first seen in the Season 2 premiere, when Bayonse is inside watching the music news on TV. She finds out that her plan to take over the entire record industry and drop her rival flop stars so she can top the charts has been successful, until Zey-J reveals that he had to sell Blo Ive to fund his record label takeovers. Later, Nekci Menij becomes suspicious about the 'Aluminaughty', and hears from Rhenna that the secretive group gathers at Bayonse's house. She infiltrates one of the meetings and discovers that Bayonse has a new evil plan: to replace her flop rivals with robots. Nekci leaves and goes to spread the word, but it isn't long before one of the robots catches up with her and teleports her back to Bayonse's basement, alongside Xtine, Adole and Rhenna. However, Bayonse's fellow Aluminaughty members Shrekora and Krely Roolin then decide to rebel against her and foil her plan. Krely overloads a control panel by pouring a drink all over it; it soon explodes, obliterating Chez Bayonse.

With her main home in ruins, Bayonse spends Season 4 residing in her other mansion - on her private island.

Season 5 Edit

By Season 5, Chez Bayonse has been rebuilt with a grander appearance than before. Brinty Spreas and Tanish use it to film their 'Slomber Perty' music video; they are accompanied by Ladey Gags, who is working with them on a secret plan against Bayonse.

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