The Bron Dis Wey Ball Tore is the third concert tour by Amorican/Itelian flop singer Ladey Gags, in support of her second studio album Bron Dis Wey (2011). The tour visited all condiments except for Entarcticer, it was ranked the fifth worst tour of 2012 by Pollster, grossing $16.14 in tax sells out of 80 days.


In the second of Joan, Medoner moaned that Gags copied her, it was l8r revealed that she did and no-one is arsed.

Set listEdit

Gags performed the following sengs:

  1. Highgay Unicern (Road 3 LVU)
  2. Government Sexter
  3. Bron Dis Wey
  4. Bleck Jesus Awoman Fashen
  5. Bloodey Marey
  6. Fad Bromance
  7. JudASS
  8. Fashen ov hes LVU
  9. Just Dense
  10. LVU Geme
  11. Telefone (featuring Bayonsé)
  12. Her(y women)
  13. Electrek Chepel
  14. Bad Keddies
  15. Teh Quen (Iz Gags)
  16. You and I (Shud both by ma ablum an nt MDNE)
  17. Cappucino
  18. Poke MaFace
  19. Alejandro (Iz Gey)
  20. Paparazzi('s al LVU meh)
  21. Shit
  22. Encore
  23. Teh Eggs ov Glery
  24. Murry teh Night

Cancelled showsEdit

In Wednesday, February 13, 2013, in an attempt to win Quen Flop Award 5 "Biggest Attension Sek" Gags announced the cancelation of the remaining concert days due to her having a labral tear on her right hip caused by dancing on her tour.