Blo Ive, also known as 'Da Prinses B', is the first-born daughter of flop music superstar Bayonse and her rapper husband Zey-J.

Blo Ive was first seen in the Nekci Menij Show during the eighth episode, 'The Flop Music Awerds', when Bayonse took her to the titular event. While posing for the press on the red carpet, Blo announced that her debut album would be 'out next week'.

Despite not appearing in the episode itself, Blo became the centre of a major storyline in the second season debut, 'True Or Dire', when Bayonse discovered that Zey-J had sold her off to finance his takeover of the music industry.

Furious that this had been allowed to happen, Bayonse immediately suspected Medoner of adopting Blo and went to confront her. However, despite being innocent, Medoner spotted an opportunity to promote herself and agreed to return Blo if she could join the line-up of Bayonse's newly-formed crossover band Destin's Puscats.

In the next edition, Vagetorien, Medoner went in search of a 'coloured child' to pass of as Blo so she could join the band. However, she was unsuccessful, and Bayonse later threatened to send her to her grave during a stand-off at Lol Kem's funeral. Blo was later reunited with her monther in her second on-screen appearance when it was revealed that Brinty Spreas had bought her buggy while she was inside it, believing it to be a lawnmower.

In the episode 26 she asks Bayonse to give her food. Later Kily steals her because Bayonse won't let her release her ablum. An important detail is that Blo Ive doesn't have Bay's face anymore, but she has Zey-J's face.

In the 27th episode Kily tries to sell her to Medoner. Blo says that Kily is crazy and that she's gonna split like Merier's outfits.

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