Bayonse An the Flops Title Screen

Bayonse An the Flops is an unofficial spinoff of the popular webseries "The Nekci Menij Show " It features Bayonse Noals or "Quen B" as the main character.

It also features Dumi Luvoto , Rhenna , Medoner , Nekci Menij , and other characters from "The Nekci Menij Show" 's World.

Episode 1 "The Mrs. Creter Show"Edit

The episode starts off by Bayonse announcing her world tour. Afterwords everyone heads outside where they find xtine. After words Medoner calls through her "Samseng Taco" and almost leaks Bayonse's fith studio albums name. Then Rhenna and Bayonse head to the "Arport" to meet with Adole to go to "Clafironia". Xtine follows them and sings to them resulting in Bayonse jumping from the car and xtine crashes into a tree. Rhenna and Bayonse make a run to the Arport and Xtine Follows. Meanwhile Adole is at the Arport's Mcdolan where she orders some food but Rhenna runs in and drops her food making Adele belt out "Someone like you". The episode ends with Dumi Luvoto squashing Xtine and they all leave to Clafironia.

Skit 1 "Shit and Bits" - Dumi the SlavEdit

Bayonse's Contdon prav

A preview of Bayonse's new old singel "Countdewn"

"Shit and Bits" is one of Bayonse's smaller videos and talks about upcoming videos and cu

rrent events in a comedic way. "Dumi the Slav" was released on February 20, 2013 and Features a preview to Bayonse's new music video "Countdewn"