Not to be confused with Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, the series in which All-Star Studio features.

Rhenna introduces the first episode of All-Star Studio

All-Star Studio is a television show within the universe of The Nekci Menij Show. It is a variety talk show produced by and starring Nekci Menij and some of her fellow flop quens.

All-Star Studio was originally the subject of The Nekci Menij Show spin-off series Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, which ran between September and November 2013. However, after its first episode was met with mixed reactions from viewers, focus was shifted off of All-Star Studio and it simply became a recurring theme within the series.

There have been no references to All-Star Studio since The Nekci Menij Show resumed in its original format in February 2014.

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Adole presents her Cockery Corner

All-Star Studio is made by a production company owned by Bayonse, who is the boss of and finances the show. In the first episode of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, Bayonse declares the show to be "shit" and expresses a desire to cancel it. However, she eventually changes her mind and gives Ladey Gags the budget to produce an entire season.

In the second episode of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, the studio complex that All-Star Studio is filmed in is set on fire deliberately by Bayonse, who goes on to pocket a $1billion insurance payout. She later uses this money to build her own studio complex, the 'All-Bayonse Studio'.

In the sixth episode of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, Medoner becomes furious when Bayonse sends her the bill for All-Star Studio's production costs.

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Brinty and Rhenna give fashion advice in Clothers Ofisers

All-Star Studio is a variety talk show, featuring a variety of segments typical of the daytime talk show genre. These include:
  • Pop Buletin - Medoner presents the latest news from the world of flop music.
  • The Live of Brinty - A reality TV segment that gives viewers an insight in to Brinty Spreas as she goes about her day-to-day life.
  • Cockery Corner - Adole teaches viewers how to cook simple dishes, such as a cake.
  • Clothes Ofisers - Brinty and Rhenna reveal the latest dos and donts in fashion.
  • Celebrity interviews - Medoner chats to some of the hottest flop stars about their latest project.
  • Live performances - Flop stars promote their latest music by performing it live in the studio.

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In the first episode of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, Mile Sires appears as a guest on All-Star Studio and performs her latest single, 'We Can't Stop'.

In the second episode of Nekci & Friends: All-Star Studio, Medoner visits Serener Gizmo's house to film a doorstep interview with her.

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The characters from The Nekci Menij Show who work on the production of All-Star Studio are:

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